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Step Up

Our worship life carries with it a strong history and tradition from our Lutheran heritage with corporate confession, prayer, relative sermons, the Eucharist and music/singing.  We enjoy lively worship and strive to engage as many people as possible in the process.  While our traditions inform our worship services, we are open to new ideas and ways of expressing our love and communion with God and one another.  



Our choir is led by our music director, Jon Siapno who is constantly bringing new life into our services with choral anthems and musical pieces that both serve to enliven the communal worship experience and elevate our spirits.  He is joined by our fantastic organist Catha Hall who brings her talents to bare on our 39 rank neo-Baroque instrument with 2,771 pipes are primarily of a tin/lead alloy, zinc and brass, and also wood.  This magnificent organ fills our sanctuary with beautiful melodies accompanied by our choir and congregation.  The organ itself is as sonically striking as it is visually stunning.  People often sit in awe prior to and just after worship to listen to the variety of hand picked preludes and postludes that Catha brings to our worship experience.  With Jon and Catha we are truly a blessed community when it comes to music.  

Bible Study / Community Forum

Our bible study group is made up of congregational members who meet roughly once a month to dig into various texts together.  We meet in people’s homes on rotation and enjoy a potluck meal together prior to our text discussions.  Our Forum gatherings happen just before worship and deal with a number of interesting topics that inform our lives together in faith.  Topics can range from how we engage in our “OUT”ward expression of faith in the context of silicon valley, to issues brought up by the expression of atheism in our culture as well as engaging in interfaith dialogue and cultural contexts for ministry in our world.  It’s always a lively discussion!


Our confirmation program is a 2 year program beginning with 7th grade youth.  We meet weekly throughout the year with emphasis on learning some of the fundamental elements of our lives of faith including the Bible, Lutheranism along with contextual aspects of living out our faith.  We engage in service projects; visit sites of worship of other faiths (Jewish, Islamic and other christian denominations); and have group retreats periodically throughout the program.  We do this in conjunction with another neighboring Lutheran church, Holy Trinity Lutheran in San Carlos.  


In efforts to provide effective and meaningful youth programming we have joined with other local churches on the peninsula, developing a larger pool of young people and resources.  Activities include monthly gatherings, ski trips, retreats and a variety of service projects and plain fun activities.  

Step In

tableWe seek to live in community with God and with one another.  In doing so, we strive to develop strong community ties by living life together in a variety of ways.  Often, when visiting those in need within our community, our pastor will find that other sisters and brothers from Messiah are visiting them as well, sending cards, providing meals and other support that is indicative of a community that cares for one another.  We work at maintaining the kind of community that supports one another in the challenges of this life and also celebrates with one another in grace filled surprises that enter our lives.


Messiah hosts regular gathering events for all of our members whether that be a community Bar-b-que in the Rosen Garden just off of our main sanctuary, or potluck meals in our fellowship hall (Capel Hall), we love to get together to share life with one another.  These events give us the opportunity to celebrate together when we experience the joys of life and to support one another through the challenges that life may offer at times.  They are crucial to the connective family feeling that our community enjoys and we’re always welcoming others to join us.

Hill Toppers

Hill Toppers is a men’s group that meets for breakfast on the first Friday of every month at Jason’s Cafe in Menlo Park (located at 1246 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025).  We pray together, eat together and periodically go out and serve together in a variety of ways.  You’re welcome to join us for breakfast or simply a cup of coffee!

Prime Timers

Prime Timers meets for a potluck style lunch every 2nd Thursday of the month (with a break during the summer months).  All are welcome to join this group as we gather to share in a meal, conversation and often enough, a service project of some sort immediately following the meal.  We meet in Capel Hall here on Messiah’s campus.  We join in prayer, and general conversation with one another with plenty of jokes and laughter for all.

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Sunday Schedule

Worship 10am

Fellowship Cafe 11:20am