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J Jewitt  Jessie Jewitt


  Jessie came to Messiah after substituting for us for years.  We are so pleased to have had her join our worship team here in the spring of    
  2016.  More information is to come but if you'd like to contact Jessie, please do so through the church e-mail at 



terryTerry Williams


Terry is our office administrator and has been with Messiah for 6  years. Terry worked for both Abbott Labs and Telogy in the business world. She has been involved in church administration and music for a number of years and in a truly ecumenical sense, having served Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian churches.  In addition to her employment at Messiah, Terry is the Director of Music and Worship Ministry at Union Presbyterian Church in Los Altos. Terry can be reached at our main phone line 650.369.5201 (Mon - Thurs 8:30am - 1:30pm) or by e-mail.

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kenKen Harris

Ken Harris is an office volunteer who is invaluable to the operations here at Messiah.  He coordinates volunteers for worship; manages our properties and rental agreements; attends to a myriad of miscellaneous needs on a daily basis and generally knows where just about anything is kept.  His general office hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30am - 11am.

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owensOwens Gamblin

Owens has been our facilities maintenance coordinator for over 12 years.  He serves with a smile and is always willing to help out with special projects and general support of whatever the congregation might need. We are truly blessed with Owens presence here at Messiah.

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Fellowship Cafe 11:20am