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Welcome to Messiah!

We are a community of faith on a journey with God. We gather together to seek further understanding about how to live in community with God at the center of our lives.

Simply put, we strive to walk with God. We believe that the life and teachings of Jesus serve to inform our lives in order to live out our faith in service and support of God’s mission in this world. Using the example of Jesus, we strive to balance our expression of faith through the three directions we observe in the life of Jesus: UP, IN, and OUT.

UP* refers to our relationship with God and encompasses our worship and prayer lives - we do this as a community on Sunday mornings at 10:00am. IN refers to our care and love for one another in community. OUT refers to our love for others, our neighbors and all of God’s creation.

We see this as our efforts to “walk with God”, taking steps with God to deepen our lives of faith. To see how we strive to put these different relationships into practice in living out our faith - stepping up, stepping in and stepping out - click on the links below to discover more. All are welcome to join us on the journey; our walk with God! matter where you find yourself in that process, you’ll find friends here!

*Our Lutheran heritage informs these relationships as well and so while we use the term “UP” in reference to our relationship with God, we also recognize that it is God who comes to us (in the gift of grace), not that we can of our own action or will, come closer to God.

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Sunday Schedule

Worship 10am

Fellowship Cafe 11:20am